Pay for Performance for Women’s Health Teams and Pregnant Women in the Philippines

P4P in PhilippinesGlenda Gonzales, Rena Eichler, and Alix Beith

Supply-side and demand-side pay for performance (P4P), consisting of payments to Women’s Health Teams (WHTs) and to pregnant women, is being implemented in the Philippines with the goal of supporting facility-based childbirths and increasing the role of skilled attendance at delivery among disadvantaged women. Funded through the Department of Health and municipal local government units, the P4P scheme was designed to encourage women to deliver in an appropriate health facility within the mother’s catchment area and to encourage WHTs to track and counsel all women within their catchment area. Key features of this program include direct payment to WHTs to identify pregnant women in their catchment area and rewards to ensure that women are directed to and deliver in basic emergency obstetric and newborn care provider facilities for uncomplicated births. This case study provides an example of public sector incentives to scale up outreach to disadvantaged women with the aim of improving maternal health.

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